Total Yoga Nidra Teacher & Facilitator Training in Retreat Format

20-30 March, 2023.

Amara Valley, Girona, Spain. 

This is an intense 10-day training in retreat format. It will be conducted at Amara Valley, Girona, in Spain.

The Total Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator Training trains yoga teachers and others to teach and facilitate yoga nidra with confidence in class settings, one-to-ones, and for a range of therapeutic applications.

Uniquely amongst yoga nidra trainings, it offers Total Yoga Nidra, a comprehensive, inclusive and non-dogmatic approach to yoga nidra that respects and explores not only a range of practice methods, but also acknowledges a variety of different levels of experience during yoga nidra.

This training is designed to provide you with the tools, knowledge, background, and understanding of the vast reach of yoga nidrā, including the philosophy, the psychology of yoga, and modern science.

Umā-Dinsmore Tuli and Marta Carrascal will co-teach this Total Yoga Nidra Teacher & Facilitator Training.

The training will be offered bilingually in English and Spanish, with live interpretation by Jane Cecilia.

This Training is for you if you wish to ;

  • Encounter yoga nidra in its totality
  • Explore the multiple forms and levels of this remarkable yoga practice
  • Become empowered to deepen your own intuitive practice of meditative yoga nidra beyond the limits of standard trademarked and traditional forms
  • Understand the full living range of different methods, lineages and levels of total yoga nidra
  • Experience total yoga nidra as a living intelligence of the heart, an adaptogenic practice of deep healing and self-discovery
  • Grow in confidence to share responsive and appropriate total yoga nidra practice with students and clients


This training is designed by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli, who together have over forty years experience of practice, teaching and working therapeutically with all forms and levels of yoga nidra.

It is a uniquely comparative and creative, experiential course. It offers both practical training and personal and professional development.

What this training offers

This is a detailed, practical, and theoretical training that will equip you with the skills needed to create unique total yoga nidrā sessions for all your students and/or clients.

The course has been designed over twelve years and is a Approved for Professional Development for Continuing Education by the The International Association of Yoga Therapists.

This is one of the longest-running yoga nidrā training courses in the world, and is designed and taught by expert tutors with decades of experience.

We accompany our students and train them to a high degree of confidence and competence, through individual tutoring sessions, partner work, and group learning. This is an investment in your competence, creativity, and confidence.

This training will help you submerge in your own personal practice, in your dreams, and in your intuitive and imaginative capacity, while you learn to create yoga nidrā sessions which are appropriate for and sensitive to each person and/or group, and which are well-structured and effective for each occasion.

What to Expect

Beyond the daily in-person sessions with the group, there will also be partner sessions to do your first practices. You will receive tutoring with Umā or Marta during the retreat and will be invited to attend three Total Yoga Nidrā online open circles after the retreat to accompany you while you complete your case study.

On this training, you will receive:

10 days of practice, theory, and learning during the retreat (from 8am to 9pm) with two hours of rest in the afternoon, a one-hour lunch break, an hour for dinner, and time for tea, comfort, and integration

Three personal tutorials (one during the training and two afterwards) with Umā and/or Marta

Three open online Total Yoga Nidrā circles

A structured system for self-learning and practice during and after the training, so that you can write up the final project, a case study

A total of 70 hours of study, practice, training, and accompaniment in your growth as a teacher and facilitator of Total Yoga Nidrā

Online meetings

A complete training manual

The knowledge to be able to deliver and share daily Yoga Nidrā practices

Access to the Yoga Nidrā network online sanctuary

A forum for questions and dialogue with Umā, Marta, and/or the group before and after the training

Practical orientation

Structured learning

Lots of downloadable yoga nidrās

Access to the recordings of all live sessions during the retreat.

Upon finishing the training:

You may join the Total Yoga Nidrā Teachers Network

Receive a graduation certificate

Listing on our Total Yoga Nidrā teachers directory

What will I Learn?

You will learn:

  • to devise and deliver Total Yoga Nidra practices appropriate to your needs and those of your students and clients
  • a clear practical understanding of the structure and function of Total Yoga Nidra, including models of best practice, and techniques to be avoided
  • a practical understanding of the key principles of yogic psychology and philosophy relevant to the practice of Total Yoga Nidra
  • a contextual understanding of the development and history of Total Yoga Nidra across different lineages
  • to share Total Yoga Nidra with an informed sensitivity to the emotional and spiritual experiences of those receiving the practice
  • to teach a range of restorative yoga asanas suitable for use during yoga nidra practice
  • to teach within the appropriate safety guidelines for this type of yoga practice


This course is open to anyone interested in deepening their practice with yoga nidrā or facilitating yoga nidrā.

The only requirement is having completed the online Immersion in Total Yoga Nidrā before beginning the training, or having attended the introductory workshop with Marta in Barcelona, on 10 and 11 December, 2022.


Monday 20 March - Thursday 30 March, 2023

Arrivals between 3pm and 5pm

Departure between noon and 2pm

20 March: welcome circle at 6pm

The full program will be delivered with the manual on the first day of the course.

PRICE OF THE COURSE (excluding room and board)




Once you have completed your reservation, you will have immediate access to the Online Learning Sanctuary, where, beginning on 1 January, you will have access to all the course information, prior readings, the program, various yoga nidrā audios, and the pre-course prep work.


All room and board bookings will be handled by Marta Carrascal. Once you have reserved your place on the training, you can send a message to [email protected] to tell Marta which room you’d like to be in. She will explain the steps to take to finalize your choice, and clarify any doubts about lodging or the training.

Retreat with all meals and lodging in a quadruple room (shared with three other people):


Retreat with all meals and lodging in a double room (sharing with one other person):



During the training, we will stay in the beautiful rustic ecological retreat center, Amara Valley, about one and a half hours from Barcelona, near Banyoles, with outdoor installations, surrounded by nature, forest, birds, a pool, a sauna, paths for walking, and beautiful landscapes and surroundings.

The retreat center is designed to offer you all the comfort and space you need to deepen in your practices and enjoy your stay.

Sustainability is one of the main focuses at Amara: it is 100% off-grid, uses renewable energy, and contributes to a change in human consciousness for a greener planet.


The kitchen at Amara will give you a new perception on healthy food. Carlota and the chefs at Amara Valley are recognized for the excellence of their meals and their attention to detail. The meals are designed with seasonal, local ingredients, creating dishes that are full of flavor, color, and nutritional abundance.

The kitchen at Amara can adapt to any dietary requirement (allergies, intolerances, gluten free, etc.)

Between meals, tea, fruit, and water is available.

Course hours: 60


The International Association of Yoga Therapists

Independent Yoga Network

On successfully completing all course requirements, you will receive a Yoga Nidra Network certificate of completion.