Meet the Founders

We are Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli and we’ve been sharing an teaching yoga since the 1980s. We set up the Yoga Nidrā Network in 2010 to support global access to yoga nidra. This site is our offering of support and encouragement to everyone who wants to practice yoga nidrā. We know what a powerful and healing practice it is and we are dedicated to sharing yoga nidrā by sharing practices, training teachers and supporting a grassroots community of practitioners and facilitators  

We are are co-authors of Yoga Nidra Made Easy, and Nidrā Shakti: The Power of Rest – An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Yoga Nidrā (2022). 

Our coevolution of Total Yoga Nidrā is an inclusive, ethical, post-lineage initiative, entirely independent of any affiliation to other yoga institutes. We prize the endogenous arising of natural yoga nidrā as a daily practice and our aim is to empower others to welcome this potent nourishment into everyday life. 

We are both certified members of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (CIAYT). We teach together and separately, online and in person, in Europe and around the world.

Yoga nidrā has always been a central feature of our approach to yoga therapy. 

Teaching yoga since 1989, Nirlipta, has an MA in Indian religions, a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, and a degree in art history. He created all the illustrations for Uma’s book Yoni Shakti: A Woman’s Guide to Power and Freedom through Yoga and Tantra (2014). 

Uma’s, PhD is in communications, and she holds two diplomas in yoga therapy. Teaching yoga since 1996, she has been training teachers and yoga therapists internationally since 2003.

Born in Luton to Indian parents in 1964, Nirlipta first encountered yoga in 1987 in HMP Blantyre House. Born in London to an Irish mother and English father in 1965, Uma first encountered yoga while watching Yoga for Health on Thames TV in 1969.

Proud to live in Stroud, a funky rural town in the Cotswold Hills of England, Nirlipta and Uma now share their home with seven cats. Their three children were all born at home in the Sitaram South London Yoga Centre where, for 10 years, Nirlipta and Uma shared therapeutic yoga and yoga nidrā with thousands of local families. They both share a deep reverence for dreams, Indian food, and the goddess Nidrā Shakti. About much else, they disagree.

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