Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Experience Online

This is an online, expanded version of the Total Yoga Nidrā Immersion Experience: comparative and creative forms of Yoga Nidrā that has been delivered face to face, by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli at locations across the world since 2013. Our intention with it is to offer an accessible and profound experience of yoga nidrā, providing a perfect opportunity for those who have encountered the practice in other partial or limited forms to experience the full spectrum of approaches and applications. It also a prerequisite for our Total Yoga Nidra Teacher & Facilitator Training. It is open to anyone with an interest in learning about and experiencing yoga nidra, and assumes no prior knowledge or experience.

The course is built into the online learning sanctuary of the Yoga Nidra Network website, and on purchase you gain ongoing access to this. Here, you can begin your studies at any time, interact with the course materials online, work through the material at your own pace, download the nidra practices to enjoy offline and revisit the course as often as you like. And as your access never expires you will also benefit from all future course development.

What’s in the course?

A combination of theory and practice to give you a sound foundation (or to deepen your existing foundation) of understanding about what yoga nidra is in the broadest sense, and how it works. The material is divided into fourteen, roughly one-hour sections, each covering a specific aspect of the practice. These sections are:

  1. Welcome to Yoga Nidra
  2. The History and Development of Yoga Nidra
  3. Intentions, and how they Shape the Practice
  4. Comparative Structures
  5. Comparative Rotations of Consciousness
  6. The Science of Yoga Nidra
  7. The Philosophy of Yoga Nidra
  8. Liminality & Creativity
  9. Memory, Sleep & Dreams
  10. Trance: Hypnosis & Yoga Nidra
  11. Yoga Nidra as a Meditative Practice
  12. Sankalpa
  13. Yoga Nidra & Bhakti Yoga
  14. Growing Your Own Practice

Each of these sections contains:

  • A written lecture summary
  • A video lecture by delivered Uma & Nirlipta together, where the written material is explored in more depth
  • An audio recording of a yoga nidra practice, illustrating or exploring that material
  • Enquiries for you to reflect upon
  • Links to relevant online articles and websites
  • Suggestions for further reading, should you wish to deepen your knowledge of that aspect of the course


"The Yoga Nidra Immersion course really helped me understand so much about the science of brain waves and the design of meditation and related guided rest practices to deliberately access various states of awareness.  

The way in which Uma Dinsmore Tuli has structured the experience and offers insightful comparisons across nearly a dozen schools, brought me a lot of clarity and is ongoing inspiration to deepen my work with Yoga Nidra.”

Olga Chwa, Holistic Business Coach

"This course has been a constant explosion of wow moments and I am enjoying it so much! I love how its laid out and shared so people with all learning approaches benefit! Looking forward to the full teacher training!"

Shirley Stump, Doula for Birth & Wellbeing Support