Yoni Shakti Book Club Online

Join the online Yoni Shakti Book Club Webinar, with audio downloads and Q&A sessions around the key content of Yoni Shakti to support your power, freedom and spiritual autonomy, led by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD.

90 minute Zoom Webinar for 3 weeks

Next Session:

11, 18, 25 October 2023

7-8.30pm (UK time)

This is an integrated program of reading, listening, reflection and time to share the ideas presented in Yoni Shakti. It gives you a structure to navigate some of the big ideas in the book, and provides the support of a community of readers, thinkers and yoginis with whom to explore what these ideas mean in daily life and practice. It is also a vessel for exploration and enquiry – wherein many questions may arise. 

Each week you are invited to engage with:

  • Audio recordings of key sections of Yoni Shakti
  • Recommended reading selections from Yoni Shakti
  • Recommended Nidra recording
  • Questions for reflection 

What to Expect

Week One – Rediscovering Yoni Shakti What is source power and how does it relate to the practice of yoga?

1. Audio content: ‘Parvati and Siva Story’, ‘Parampara or the Yogic Tower story’, Cycles and Circles of Female Siddhis (chapter 8). 

2. Recommended reading, - Chapters 1 and 3 of Yoni Shakti  

. Recommended Nidra recording: ‘To know that you are not alone.' 

4. Questions to consider: How has yoga helped you connect to yourself as a cyclical being? Has yoga practice ever felt like it disconnected you from your natural rhythms and cycles? If so how, and does this matter?  (Explore these before the webinar and then bring some more questions of your own along too).   

Week Two – Embodying Yoni Shakti Understanding the basis of practices in Yoni Shakti and incorporating them in your practice 

1. Audio content: ‘Sita’s Story’, ‘From Bud to Seed – (Cycles and circles p.214-5) ‘More on Mud and Mud in the Scriptures’ in chapter 6.  

2. Recommended reading: Chapter 5 and 6 of Yoni Shakti and ‘Womb Friendly Yoga Manifesto’ (Chapter 28 of Yoni Shakti). 

3. Recommended Nidra recording: ‘To support you to connect to your inner teacher.’ 

4. Questions to consider: How can the elemental teachings of the yoga philosophies presented in Yoni Shakti be embodied in your practice? (Explore these before the webinar and then bring some more questions of your own along too).   

Week Three – Living in Freedom and Power Radical eco-feminism, anti-racism, and embodying spirit: joining up the dots  

1. Audio content: ‘Revealing the Cosmic Gateway Story’ (in Chapter 28);  Excerpts from the 'New Preface', ‘Saturday Night on the Town.'  

2. Recommended reading: ‘New Preface to the 2020 Edition’, ‘Learning to Be Fearless’ (afterword to Yoni Shakti), ‘Womb as World’ Chapter 27.   

3. Recommended Nidra recording: 'To nurture your passion for transformation.'

4. Questions to consider: What choices can you make in your life to walk the talk of Yoni Shakti? (Explore these before the webinar and then bring some more questions of your own along too).